During Summer I had Garry refurbish five Canon cameras - AE-1, two A-1s and two new F-1s. 
In all cases there were problems ranging from shutter capping to a loose base plate. Garry did a superlative job refurbishing these camera. His service is fast, very reasonably priced and very professionally done. I recommend him highly.

Paul Thomas

Garry did a fantastic job on fixing my Pentax K-50. The turn around was incredibly FAST, about 9 days. I was shocked when it was back in such a short amount of time. The quote on the repair was accurate and there were no hidden fees. He was a pleasure to work with, and promptly answered any questions I had via email. You can't go wrong! Plus my camera is no longer an expensive door stop. Yea! Thanks Garry!

Sue Genuario

Garry has serviced three cameras for me in the past 9 months or so, and has always done a superb job. Prices are very reasonable, turnaround time is truly 7 days as advertised (6 days on this last one), and always a pleasure to deal with. I wouldn't have an SLR serviced by anyone else. The three he has serviced for me so far are a Pentax MX, and Minolta X-570 and SRT-101. Thanks again to you and your team. Keep up the fine work!

Vincent Capony

The film advance on my Minolta X570 was broken. Garry repaired that plus another item I missed on the repair request. It was done very quickly but the return trip was slowed by USPS issues. Well worth the wait.

Katie Lytle

I received back in the mail today my Minolta SRT-201 that Garry expertly serviced. I was completely blown away. It looked like completely new camera and even my wife though so too. Our sincere thanks for your dedicated and outstanding craftsmanship. he is incredible and will be using his service again. 

Joe Fletcher

Garry restored two of my Minolta XE7s last month that i bought used on EBAY He did fix them like new again. He does great work at affordable prices. I have an XG1 and a Canon A1 that I plan to send him soon. I'm really glad he has this service.

Charlie Johnson

I Just got my camera from Garry. He did a great job. The camera is now as good as new.

Volker Reichardt

I dug out my Canon A-1 that I haven't used in years. Noted that it had a typical Canon squeak. I contacted Garry and sent the camera for CLA. Camera was retured in quoted time at a very reasonable cost. The squeak is gone and the camera looks almost like new. Thank you Garry..

William Long

Garry did an excellent job repairing my Canon AE- 1 Program's shutter squeak and light leak. The turnaround time was way faster than expected and the communication with Garry has been very efficient and helpful. I would recommend his service to any friend

Chun Hu
New Haven, CT

Just got my Canon A1 back from Garry's. This is my second Canon repaired by him. If he is not the best in the business I don't know who is. This is the the way a business should be run - the old fashioned way. Get it done the right way the first time.

Werner J. Parthe
Glendale, NY

I had my Nikon FE2 repair by Garry's Camera. The price to repair the camera was very reasonable and from start to finish Mr. Airapetov was clear in communication and a consummate professional. My camera came back very clean and well packaged and in great working order. The camera was repaired and return shipped back to me within 1 month. I would not hesitate to send a camera to Garry's Camera in the future and I am please with the results.

Stuart Pauls
Vermilion, Canada

I recently had a camera repaired with you and had received it in the mail a few weeks ago. I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for the service you have performed on my camera. The camera looks and operates like new, I am amazed!

Johnathan Lobel
Newport Coast, CA

I sent my camera to two professional repair facilities. Took over a month for them to say "Unrepairable". You took care of it in less than a week.

Dennis Martin
Caldwell, KS

This morning I received my SRT-102 in the mail from Garry's Camera Repair.  The camera looks great and works perfectly.  Garry had repaired the film counter, repaired the advance mechanism, performed a complete CLA and overhaul including shutter unit lubricated and adjusted, cleaned release magnet, run time speed adjusted, lubricated winding mechanism, calibrated, exposure adjusted, replaced light seals, replaced mirror cushion, cleaned viewfinder/prism and cleaned externally/internally.  His total repair cost was $45 plus $8 shipping.  I am very impressed with his work and highly recommend his services.  He's truly a professional that takes pride in his work.

Joe Dawson
Charleston, SC

All I can say to Garry and his staff is thank you, thanks you, thank you. I sent him my X-570 that was locked up. They fixed the problem, did a complete CLA and got it back to me in 7 days. If you're looking for someone to fix your classic, look no further.

Michael Riffey
Battle Creek, MI

Received four Canon FX's back from Garry's today. Excellent. They are cleaned, the controls are tight, the shutter snaps like new.

Ken Hart
Otwell, IN

What a great deal! I sent in my Minolta X-700 and Multi-Function Back for service and I was amazed when it returned to me a week later. Now, thanks to Garry's, it's flawless. No more sticky shutter, no more light leaks, no more underexposed photos. And to think, all of this for half of what others charge.

Mark Amarantes
Fall River, MA

I just received my Minolta X-570 from having Garry's repair it after it totally locked up on me. All I can say is WOW. It was out of my hands for just over a week. The turnaround time was incredible and the camera looks brand new. I can't thank you guys enough for taking care of my camera. There are more on the way and I'll never go anywhere else. Your service greatly exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

Alisa Dougherty
Navarre, OH

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service. I sent you 3 cameras and the workmanship is awesome. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing a camera repaired. You are prompt on answering questions and and the turnaround time can't be beat. Keep up the great service.

Conrad McDowell
Cameron, MO

My camera Fuji S5000 is working now. Best service and price. I would highly recommend Garry's Camera Repair to anyone. Thanks for doing a great job.

Zlatko Mehmedic
Oxford, MS

I sent my Canon AE-1 Program to Garry's with shutter squeak and slow shutter speeds and he fixed it up good as new in just about a week. I heartily recommend Garry's Camera Repair.

Terry Hinshaw
Kellogg, IA

My Canon A-1 that you repaired a few weeks ago works just like it did 25 years ago when I bought it new. Exposure is right on the money, no more shutter squeak and the new seals look just like factory. Thanks for the great job and quick turnaround.

James Linville
West Chester, OH

My recently purchased Canon A1 abruptly quit after just one roll of film. Most repair shops I spoke with said it would be expensive and impractical to repair. Since I had nothing to lose, I first e-mailed Garry explaining the problem and then shipped the camera. I received it back in under two weeks and it works perfectly! Garry's has amazing service, excellent communication, and I'd recommend them to anyone I know who owns a classic camera.

Mark Leahy
Rochester, NH

I purchased an X-700 on eBay at a very reasonable price and when I received it the shutter began to stick. After seeing Garry's Camera recommended on a web site and his charge was reasonable especially compared to Wolf camera who wanted a $140.00 right off the bet. I received my my camera in the time promised and I'm surprised and satisfied with the service and my X-700 which I love. Thanks Garry.

Belle Treece
Leeds, AL

My sister's AE-1 was DOA and Garry brought it back to life. Performs as new. Many thanks, Steve.

Steve Stover
Crescent City, CA

Wonderful job. Very good work on both my Canon AE-1 and A-1. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with again.

Joseph Nash
Rock Island, IL

Just got my X-700 back. The work is superb and service commendable and the turn-around time only four days. The price charged was the best you will experience. Thanks Garry. Recommending you to many students and friends. 

Mel Russo
Goodyear, AZ

I sent my X-700 for repair because the electronics went dead. I was skeptical of Garry's low prices, but figured as I wasn't going to pay $100.00 to repair it I'd only be risking $40.00. I got the camera back in perfect working order a week later, so I'm a very happy customer.

Roger Smith
West Hartford, CT

Camera hadn't worked in 15 years he had it fixed and back to me in less than a week. I recommend him to anyone with a camera.

Quint Lavespere
Swifton, AR

So far I've sent four cameras and the cameras were repaired at his stated price and returned promptly. He has responded promptly to any email or questions I've sent. I'll continue to send him my camera repairs. Thanks.

John Ashbaugh
Mount Carmel, PA

Just received my camera today. It only took a week from start to finish and it looks great. Thanks Garry.

Rick Click
Imperial Beach, CA

I sent my Minolta X-700 for repair. Shutter wasn't working properly. I had it back within 2 weeks and it's working great once again. He did a great job and I would use him again.

David Ford
Victoria, TX

This guy is good. Reconditioned my camera in a very timely fashion. Highly recommend. Thanks Garry.

Bill Pilkenton
Lyons, NY

We have a great working Minolta XG-7 thanks to Garry's. Quick turnaround was 5 days at Christmas time. Highly recommend. Thanks again.

Bill Matuszewski
LaSalle, IL

In the 30 years I have been enjoying photography have never run across or been fortunate enough to find such a company as Garry's Camera Repair. Great service, good quality, fair pricing. Thank you very much.

Raymond F. Bohac
Mount Vernon, OH

Excellent prompt service. Sent in a Minolta X-370 for repair. Works great now.  

Steve Fraser
Dallas, TX

I received the Canon A1, which you repaired. I couldn't be more pleased with the excellent work and very prompt service. 

William Leopold
Willmar, MN

Very fine work and very quick turnaround time on the Minolta XG-1 repair. Very satisfied with the transaction. 

Phillip Henning
Brandenburg, NY

Sent my Minolta X-700, received back in super fast time and with shutter problem fixed. Recommend. Thank you very much. 

Ramon Morales
Rincon, PR

Excellent service. Excellent value.

George Lehman
Enola, PA

Great service. Thanks Garry. My 25 year old Canon AE-1 is like new again, viewfinder is clear and calibrated. The shipping took took awhile, but no fault to Garry. The USPS just took awhile for my camera to arrive. Next time around I'm requesting to ship it back to me FedEx 2nd day service or USPS Priority instead of Parcel shipping. 

Gus Lasam
San Valley, CA

I bought a Canon AE-1 on eBay. When it arrived, it was in pretty bad shape. Bad seals, loose lens mount, sticking shutter etc. I sent it to Garry's to be fixed up. I received it back in on the day they said it would be here!! I have shot a roll of film with it and it works GREAT!!! Good service, fast turnaround, good price...what more could you ask for? 

Vincent Fasso
Eminence, MO

Outstanding service. I sent my Canon AE-1 for repair and general tune up. The camera is like new again. The service was extremely fast as well, had the camera back and the cost of repair was well below that of any other repairman I looked into. I am getting ready to send my other AE-1.

Bruce Bittner
Cleveland, OH

Camera is working now. Just great. Will recommend to friends.

Jenner Gabuyo
San Francisco, CA

Excellent craftsmanship & prompt service. Highly recommended!!!!! AAAA++++++. 

F. Schlauch
Long Island, NY

Service was like advertised, very quick, courteous and correct. I wouldn't hesitate to send another item. 

Thomas Kruszewski
Pittsburgh, PA

Garry's repaired two Minolta x-700s for me. The quality of work and turnaround time were great. I highly recommend Garry's and plan to use them for all my camera repair work. You won't find a better price anywhere. Sincerely, Bob Hunter.

Bob Hunter
Minnetonka, MN

Best service and price I have ever gotten from anyone. I would highly recommend this company to anyone and will definitely use them again if the need arises. Thanks for doing a great job in a very short time.

Richard Jundt
Fenton, MO

Thanks for your quick service. I received the repaired camera back 10 days after I sent it in. Great service at a great price. 

David Goble
Holland, MI

Good service.

Daniel Levin
Newark, CA

Excellent service. Very fast. Half the price of local dealers.

Thomas Williams
Parker, TX

Camera works great now! Thanks much! A+++  26-Dec-01

Wendy Crow
Fort Worth, TX

Garry's is indeed a fine repair shop. The SRT100 I got was as advertised. He is AA.  

Carl Stukey
Great Falls, MT

Above and beyond!!! Excellent service!!! Camera is now like new!!!!! AAA+++

Sandra Pavlak
Punxutawney, PA